Hemp Agriculture: How To Become A Cannabis Master Grower

Perhaps, some of you would want to engage in the cannabis industry. There’s a myriad of ways on how you can involve yourself in the CBD industry. You may build a CBD business by selling cannabidiol-infused products or engage in hemp agriculture. For those who are interested in hemp farming, you may consider becoming a cannabis master grower. Know that this profession requires knowledge and the right skills. There are several tips that you may follow for you to become a cannabis master grower.

Understanding Cannabis Master Grower

Some people are in doubt of becoming a cannabis master grower. They think that they don’t possess the right skills to become one. It is significant to understand that no one starts with being an expert. To engage in the profession, you need to equip yourself first with the right knowledge and learn the skills required for this position. To give you a better understanding, here’s what you need to know about being a cannabis master grower:

What is a cannabis master grower?

A master grower is someone who is dedicated to perfecting the cultivation of cannabis. Although there are no specific degrees for being a cannabis master grower, you can take a degree in botany or horticulture. This profession is continuously becoming popular as the demand for cannabis products increases. So if you neither earned a degree in botany nor horticulture, you can still become an excellent master grower by getting enough experience in legal cannabis cultivation. 

How can you become a cannabis master grower?

You can follow different paths to become a cannabis master grower. Here are some of them:

1. The Budtender – A budtender is in charge of the sales and customer service of the company. That’s why you need to equip yourself with the knowledge of the cannabis strains and other necessary information about cannabis. In this way, you can answer all the queries coming from the customers. As you gain experience in this field, you can go your way to becoming an expert cannabis master grower.

2. The Bud Trimmer – The bud trimmer works hand-in-hand with the master grower. Your responsibilities include harvesting flowers, snipping the leaves and sugar. You need to manicure the buds to optimize the THC content and decrease the chlorophyll content. As a bud trimmer, you also need to learn the various parts of the plant, its behaviour towards different factors, and its benefits. 

3. The Grow Assistant – A grow assistant works closely with the master grower. For this job, you need to help the master grower in various tasks and learn from it. As you gain experience, you can surely become a master grower.

What are the skills needed to become a cannabis master grower?

Before you become a master grower, you need to learn from the on-the-job training. You may apply for the jobs mentioned earlier, which can help you pursue the master grower profession. Besides, you need to learn the ins and outs of cultivating cannabis, including the stages of growing the crop. Familiarize yourself with the factors that may affect the hemp growth, such as humidity, light, temperature, ventilation, water, and many more. Moreover, you should also know how to feed the plants with the necessary nutrients to keep them healthy. 

Besides understanding how to grow cannabis plants, you also need to learn the cannabis regulations in the country. Try to keep yourself updated with current news and federal laws. You can do this by watching the news on television and reading significant articles from newspapers and cannabis-related magazines and blog sites. Master growers should possess excellent communication skills that you can apply when dealing with cannabis inspectors and federal law enforcement officials.

The Cannabis Fundamentals You Need to Know

Being a master grower could be quite challenging at first. But as you gain knowledge and experience from the training, you can be an expert in no time. For you to learn more, here are some cannabis fundamentals you need to know:

  • Growing health crops depends on your in-depth knowledge of the cannabis terms and topics. That’s why research on the areas that you need to understand, including clones, flowers, seeds, flowering period, and vegetative growth.
  • Learn the optimal growing conditions for each strain. Since cannabis comes in various strains, you have to know what factors affect their growth. Among these significant factors are humidity, light, and water.
  • Master growers don’t work alone. There are a myriad of tasks that need to be accomplished to make a smooth operation. You need to build a team that knows how to clone, defoliate, transplant, and trim plants. Other tasks include inventory management and waste disposal. 
  • Master growers should not only learn the right ways to cultivate cannabis plants. For this profession, you also need to be excellent in conflict-resolution and people management. Since you will be working on a team, you have to be an effective communicator to interact with the clients and the investors.

Getting the Grower Certification

Since the cannabis industry is becoming in demand, more and more companies are looking for excellent master growers. Although there are no specific degrees for this profession, you can prove your knowledge to the employers by having a certification. You can find online cannabis colleges that will teach you the proper ways for hemp cultivation. Not only that, but these academic institutions can also train you to become a cannabis master grower.

Being a cannabis master grower requires time, money, and effort. Some professions can help you become a master grower. It includes being a budtender, bud trimmer, and growing assistant. You may also acquire training and certifications from a cannabis college to gain the right knowledge and experience. As a master grower, you’ll be able to engage in a continuously booming industry that can provide you with a competitive salary in the long term.