Is CBD Worth Buying? Here’s What Veterinarians Say About CBD Oil

Dogs and cats are wonderful companions. Their playfulness could brighten your day. But like humans, there are instances when they don’t feel well, affecting their behaviours. Sometimes, they become anxious about their surroundings or experience digestive issues. There are traditional ways of how you can help your pets recover from their health conditions. It may include taking pain killers, but you can seek other medications if the symptoms keep coming back.

Cannabidiol for Dogs and Cats

You may probably hear some pet owners who have used cannabidiol to treat their pets’ health conditions. If you haven’t tried it, you may ask your vet if it is an ideal remedy for your dogs and cats. CBD oil-infused products include oils, tinctures, and skincare products. It also comes in edibles, which may include pets’ treats. In other words, you will not have a hard time giving your pet CBD products. You may give them some CBD-infused treats to alleviate their health concerns.

But as first-time CBD users, it would be best to consult a veterinarian first. If you want to use cannabidiol like what other pet owners do, you may ask for the best brands and the proper dosage. Doing these can help you pick the right CBD product and maximize its benefits for your dogs and cats. Besides, the popularity of CBD should not only be your basis for patronizing the product. It would be best if you researched it, including its health benefits. You may also look for veterinarians’ opinions regarding this medical alternative.

Veterinarians on CBD for Pets

As pet owners, you will surely agree that the best recommendations for your pet remedies come from veterinarians. It is because they have spent years becoming experts in their field. So when it comes to treatments, they surely know what is best for your dogs and cats. In terms of CBD use, some veterinarians believe that it is safe and does not provide adverse effects. The following are the thoughts of some vets regarding CBD use:

1. Several veterinarians believe that CBD is a potential treatment for several health conditions.

In an online journal published in 2019, a study used the Veterinary Information Network to ask more than 2000 US veterinarians on their knowledge level, views, and experiences related to the use of cannabinoids as dogs’ medical treatment. Throughout the discussions, 61.5% of the vets feel comfortable in discussing the CBD use to their colleagues. While 45.5% feel comfortable in discussing this alternative to their clients, it means almost half of the participants who answered the survey believed that CBD is a potential treatment.

In the discussion, cannabidiol is a potential remedy for anxiety, pain management, and seizures. According to the study results, the most commonly used formulations for CBD products were edibles and oil/extract. Vets believe that these products were most helpful in providing analgesia for acute and chronic pain. As a result, pets will be relieved in their anxiety and decrease seizure frequency and severity.

2. Preclinical studies show that CBD has positive benefits.

Dr. Stephanie McGrath is a CBD researcher and an assistant professor of neurology at Colorado State University’s veterinary college. According to her, preclinical studies show CBD’s promise of treating several health conditions to dogs. Dr. McGrath explained that CBD might help dogs with noise aversion, separation anxiety, and other everyday behaviour issues.

She is fascinated with CBD since it is a potential treatment for cancer. Dr. McGrath said CBD might have anticancer effects and the ability to fight chemotherapy’s side effects. Although more research is recommended to prove these claims, veterinarians like Dr. McGrath are already impressed with CBD having no adverse effects.

3. Pets seem to be less reactive to low-level pain stimuli with the help of CBD products.

According to some animal experts, there are no formal studies about how cannabidiol affects dogs. Although more research is recommended, dogs seem to be less reactive to low-level pain stimuli when they take CBD products. Cannabidiol also helps dogs in certain things like anxieties. These claims are according to Mark Verdino, MD. He is the senior vice president and the chief of veterinary staff at North Shore Animal League America.

4. Unlike THC, CBD does not intoxicate pets.

Dr. Angie Krause, DVM, CVA, CCRT, is one of the animal experts whose goal is to improve the health and longevity of cats and dogs through holistic medicine. She educates people in terms of making life and medical choices for their pets. Dr. Krause also recommends using cannabis to treat the pets’ several ailments. According to her, the following are some of the conditions that she has seen improved with cannabis:

  • Aggression
  • Allergies
  • Anxiety
  • Appetite Stimulation
  • Arthritis/Pain
  • Asthma
  • Increased Immune Function
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Seizures

Dr. Krause even suggests some tips when choosing CBD products. According to her, it would be better to know the farming practices, extraction method, and ingredients used in the CBD product.

As what other veterinarians say, CBD is safe and has a great potential in treating various ailments. When considering this remedy, make sure to choose the right product and give your pets the proper dosage. If you see that there are no adverse effects, you may consider using CBD for your dogs and cats. It would also be best if you consulted a vet before using this treatment.