CBD for Cats: What Pet Owners Should Know

As a pet owner, part of your responsibility is to take good care of your pets. Unfortunately, there are instances when they feel weak and get sick. For example, cats commonly suffer from eye problems, diarrhea, and vomiting. Some feline illnesses may lead to worse conditions if not given proper attention. That’s why if you love cats, you will surely find a way to look for the best treatment if your pet gets sick. Some pet owners are considering using cannabidiol to alleviate the symptoms of common feline health conditions. Although there are positive claims about CBD, it is essential to know first how it can cure feline diseases.

What Veterinarians Say About CBD for Cats

Indeed, it is somehow overwhelming to know that CBD has a lot of health benefits. You can find positive feedback on news and online magazines. Even several pet owners testify to the effectiveness of using CBD. As someone new to the industry, it is still vital to validate it yourself. Extensive research is essential, especially if the health of your pets is at stake. But aside from looking for the answers on the internet, you may ask the animal experts themselves. So before you use CBD for cats, try visiting a veterinary clinic. It is because veterinarians are the right people to ask regarding how to properly administer CBD for your pets.

According to Dr. Gary Richter, a veterinarian and owner and medical director of Montclair Veterinary Hospital And Holistic Veterinary care, cannabidiol is generally safe for cats. In other words, you may consider CBD oil as an alternative to traditional treatments. However, it is still recommended to get assistance from your local veterinarian. It is because using CBD can provide some side effects. Richter explained that the adverse effects could be a result of inappropriate dosing. So aside from the brand, it would be best if you consider the dosage before using it for your pets.

The Benefits of CBD for Cats

Even though some veterinarians like Richter say that CBD oil is generally safe, some vets believe that more research should be conducted. If you still want to use CBD for cats, then here are some benefits that past studies have claimed:

1. CBD oil can alleviate anxiety and stress to cats.

Anxiety is one of the common mental conditions that CBD can alleviate. It is not only effective treatment for humans but can also benefit cats. Like people, cats also suffer from stress and anxiety. Some stressors that trigger anxiety to cats include conflicts with other cats, environment changes, and poor human-cat relationships. You can tell if your cat is struggling with anxiety if it does the following:

  • Changes in mood
  • Fails to use the litter tray
  • Increases lethargy
  • Shows aggression

To help your cats, you may give them CBD oil upon your vet’s prescription. It is essential to help them immediately to avoid serious complications. Without giving proper attention, the anxiety to cats may lead to behavioural issues, declined health, prolonged stress, and poor eating habits.

2. CBD oil can reduce inflammation.

If your cat is suffering from pain and inflammation, then CBD could be one of your alternatives to traditional treatments. Cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory properties, which can lead to overall better health. A 2014 study revealed that CBD is an emerging therapeutic target for osteoarthritis pain. Osteoarthritis is recognized as a degenerative joint disease. It is associated with cartilage degradation.

How to Choose The Right CBD Products

If you are convinced of CBD’s effectiveness for cats, then it’s time to learn some tips on how you can choose the right products. Aside from your veterinarian’s recommendations, the following could guide you in selecting a CBD product:

1. Find a reliable brand.

There are many CBD brands out there, and picking the best one for your pets could be quite challenging. Even though your vets suggest some products, you may need other options from the market. If you are buying one from a local store or browsing on the internet, look for products that have undergone third-party lab testing. It is one way to tell that the CBD products are safe and guarantee health benefits.

2. Look for products that use the proper administration method.

Some CBD products lose their effectiveness when taken orally. The problem is that many pet owners consider biscuits and treats infused with cannabidiol since they can be easily consumed. For these products to be effective, they must contain five to eight times of CBD dose. If you buy CBD edibles for your pets, make sure that they have the right dosage to ensure the effectiveness of the cannabidiol.

3. Search for CBD products with proper labels and dosage guides.

High-quality CBD products are labelled appropriately to guide the consumer. It should state the type of CBD used, such as full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate. There should also be a guide in the proper dosage to help pet owners give the right amount of CBD to their cats. With precise dosing, the cannabidiol should take effect on your cats in a span of five to 15 minutes. You can try a different dose with the assistance of a veterinarian.

Like humans, cats can also be vulnerable to diseases. That’s why you have to make sure that they are healthy to help them live a long life. If they get sick, you have to bring them to the nearest veterinarian to apply the best treatment. If your cat continuously experiences anxiety and common health conditions, you may look for other alternatives such as CBD oil. But take note of what your vet says about it. You can ask the animal experts about the best brands and proper dosing. In this way, you can guarantee that you can maximize the benefits of CBD.