What Veterinarians Say About CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats

Nowadays, pet owners are becoming smarter when it comes to choosing the right medications for their pets. If you notice some behavioural changes, then it’s time to assess what is happening to them. Once you notice that your pet might be feeling sick, you can bring them to the nearest veterinary clinic. The veterinarians are the experts who can provide you with the ideal medical treatment for them. Nowadays, many pet owners are considering CBD to treat their animals. Although the demand for CBD uses is continuously growing, it is still vital to ask your vet about this medical option. In this way, you can assure that this alternative is the best remedy for your dearest dogs or cats.

Why Pet Owners Consider CBD Oil

Cannabidiol (CBD) is becoming prevalent these days. Besides humans, animals could also benefit from taking cannabidiol because of its acclaimed health benefits. Several pet owners are utilizing CBD oil to treat some health conditions common to dogs and cats. But why do pet owners add cannabidiol to medical treatment options? Here are some common reasons:

#1 Several dog owners attest to the effectiveness of using CBD oil.

The study entitled, “Canadian Dog Owners’ Use and Perceptions of Cannabis Products,” demonstrated that pet owners purchase cannabis products because they are perceived to be equally or more effective than conventional medications. They use cannabis products to treat ailments such as anxiety, inflammation, and pain. What these pet owners like about CBD treatment is it uses the natural substances. Besides, it can also be an alternative to other therapies such as taking antidepressants. Another good thing dog owners love about cannabis products is it only provides minimal side effects, making them ideal medications. 

#2 It is a cost-effective alternative to traditional medicines. 

If your pets are sick, then probably you are consulting a veterinarian for an assessment. They need to find out what is wrong with them to give the right prescription. Besides the vet’s fee, the pharmaceuticals could be quite expensive. That’s why some pet owners are finding a more affordable way of alleviating their pets’ health issues. Nowadays, you can buy budget-friendly CBD products that are guaranteed to treat your pets’ ailments. 

There is a myriad of CBD items that you can find in local stores and online shops. Some of these include capsules, mixing powders, shampoos, tinctures, topicals, and treats. If you are a first-timer in using CBD products for your pets, it is crucial to ask your vet first. Veterinarians can recommend what type of CBD product is ideal. Not only that, but they can also assist you with the proper dosage.

#3 CBD oil can improve the lives of pets. 

According to Dr. Daniel Inman, a veterinarian at Burlington Emergency Veterinary Specialists, some vets are using CBD oil to treat some health issues to cats, including anxiety, inflammation, and pain. It can subjectively heighten comfort and improve the quality of life of pets. Dr. Inman still recommended using this treatment as advised by veterinarians. It should not be taken without their consent.

What Vets Say About CBD Oil

In the study mentioned earlier, it also stated that most pet owners relied on commercial websites for product information. It could be a problem, especially to first-time users who don’t know anything about CBD. Although using CBD oil for pets is rampant, it is still crucial to follow the advice of veterinarians. It is because the effects of this treatment may vary from one pet to another. Here are some thoughts of what vets say about CBD oil:

1. Oral absorption of CBD is low in dogs and cats. 

As said by Lara Sypniewski, an associate professor of the OSU School of Veterinary Medicine, cannabidiol does not always affect animals the way it does to people. It is because when CBD is taken orally, the liver decreases the concentration of circulating CBD products. It is because the liver is responsible for removing toxins from the bloodstream, affecting the amount of CBD concentration. But according to her, she is excited to hear the potentials of cannabidiol. Like other medical treatments, CBD is safe until proven.

2. CBD might have some anticancer effects. 

Dr. Stephanie McGrath is a CBD researcher and an assistant professor of neurology at Colorado State University’s veterinary college. She is actively conducting studies about the effectiveness of cannabidiol in treating dogs’ health conditions. Some of the ailments included in her research are epilepsy and osteoarthritis. Although there are preclinical studies that proved the effectiveness of using CBD, there is still a long way to go when it comes to research. 

On the other hand, Dr. McGrath is currently working on cancer research. She stated that CBD might have some anticancer effects. Furthermore, this treatment could ease the side effects of chemotherapy. For her, CBD might have a role in the oncology field, whether it treats cancer or alleviates the side effects of the treatment.

3. Some of the CBD products sold in the market do not contain the right amount of cannabidiol.

CBD is a booming industry; that’s why many entrepreneurs are taking the opportunity to start their own CBD business. Unfortunately, some products that you can buy in the market today don’t have enough CBD properties. According to Cornell University veterinary researcher Joseph Wakshlag, several products have no CBD in them. There are also items with few CBD. 

For instance, the effective concentration would be between 25 to 75 milligrams per millilitre. However, a few CBD products only have 2 milligrams per millilitre. That’s why if you are planning to treat your pet with CBD oil, make sure to ask for your vet’s recommendation. Make sure to inspect the label of the item before buying it. Another tip when purchasing a CBD product is to look for positive feedback from previous customers.

Some studies have positive claims on CBD use. But as what other veterinarians say, more research should be conducted to prove its effectiveness to pets. As a pet owner, it is in your decision whether to consider this alternative treatment. Since many pet dog and cat owners can attest to its benefits, there is nothing wrong with trying it. It is also important to consult veterinarians and strictly follow their recommendations and prescriptions.

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