Pet Owners’ Guide: CBD Oil for Dogs

They can guard your house and serve as your go-to companion. But just like you, dogs also suffer from common illnesses that may affect their mood. Not only that, but they may also feel weak and lose their appetite. If you see some changes in your dogs’ behaviour, consider bringing them to a veterinarian who can instruct you on what to do. Vets can prescribe medicines that your pets can take to feel well. When it comes to medications, it is important to consult your vet if it is alright for your dogs to take cannabidiol (CBD). This medication is one of the popular alternatives to some medicines for pets. Many pet owners are convinced of the positive effects that it can bring to their dogs.

The Ultimate Guide When Buying CBD Oil for Dogs

As someone who has never tried CBD before, you may be skeptical when buying it for the first time. Even if you are using it for your dogs, for sure, you only want what is best for them. There is nothing to worry about when using cannabidiol since many preclinical studies can attest to its effectiveness. However, it is still important to familiarize yourself with this medical treatment. Here’s what you need to know about CBD:

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is a cannabinoid extracted from the Cannabis Sativa or the hemp plants. It is a non-psychoactive component that can be infused into different products. People have different ways of taking CBD, including supplements, edibles, and even through skincare products. When it comes to your dogs, you can add CBD to their food or drinks. Doing so makes it easier to administer cannabidiol. When considering CBD as a treatment for your pets’ illnesses, make sure to consult your vet for the proper dosage. Even though most products have appropriate labels, it will always be a good idea to ask your vet’s advice.

Is it legal to use CBD?

Using cannabidiol is not allowed in some countries. Even though there are studies that can demonstrate the effectiveness of this cannabinoid, some places are still skeptical about it. That’s why many research centers are still exerting their best effort to discover the other potentials of CBD. To countries where cannabidiol is allowed like Canada and France, people should be responsible in using CBD and abide by the laws regarding it.¬†

What are the benefits of CBD oil for dogs?

Based on studies, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve your pets’ common illness, including arthritis. This cannabinoid can also help them feel better when they are not in the mood or if they are feeling anxious. For health conditions like cancer, CBD can help your dogs to boost their immune system, helping them cope with this illness. Not only that, but it can amplify the effectiveness of conventional cancer treatments. Besides the health issues mentioned earlier, here are the other common health conditions that CBD can treat:

  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Epilepsy and seizures
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Neurodegenerative disease
  • Neuropathy and other nerve-related pains

With so many studies about CBD, it is imperative to be cautious in getting the right information about it. You may also inquire online from news sites and other significant publications if you have questions about this cannabinoid. You can also look for feedback, including what other veterinarians say about it. 

Does CBD pose some risks to your dogs?

As of today, no news features the adverse effects of CBD. But as a responsible pet owner, it is crucial to consult your veterinarian first before considering CBD for medication. Not only that, but you also have to know the proper dosage since it has a high impact on absorbing cannabidiol. Keep in mind to follow all the instructions of your vet. Don’t give more than the recommended amount to your pets. Usually, the vet identifies the right dosage by determining your dog’s size and other significant factors. If you think there’s a need to change the dosage, make sure to inform your vet.

What are the different ways to use CBD oil for dogs?

CBD oil for dogs can be taken in several ways. The oil can be added to their food or mix it with liquid for easy intake. It can serve as a health supplement so that your dog can receive the CBD’s full benefits. Some pet owners use topicals which they can apply to their pets’ skin. This method is ideal if your dogs are sensitive to supplements.

How can you determine quality CBD products?

Many entrepreneurs have engaged in a CBD business. With the different brands today, it could be challenging to find the best for your dog. Although it is somehow confusing to look for the best brand, there’s a buyer’s guide that you can follow to determine whether the product is of high quality. Check if the product is appropriately labelled. The company that produced the CBD item should be transparent to their customers. Look for details such as the concentrations in the packaging.

As responsible pet owners, it is vital to be aware of your dogs’ welfare. That’s why, as responsible pet owners, it is vital to be aware of their health status. In this way, you can prevent any complications, especially if they are already experiencing some health issues. Besides the conventional medications for your dogs, CBD could be an alternative to alleviate the health conditions of your pets. Keep in mind of consulting your veterinarian for other treatments and the right dosage for CBD. Be updated when it comes to CBD news and the latest discoveries about cannabidiol. You also have to be aware of the different brands and find which among them can provide the best results.