CBD Oil for Pain Management: What You Need to Know

A lot of people are now recognizing the wonderful benefits of cannabidiol or CBD oil to health and wellness. It’s getting popular, perhaps because of its legalization in Canada and countries in the world. CBD is one of the compounds present in cannabis plants (there are more than 120 compounds, actually). It is now being utilized as an alternative to relieving pain and treatment to various health conditions such as back pain and arthritis. You might be interested in getting more information about CBD oil and pain management, so here are some things you might want to know.

More Details About CBD Oil

There are various plants that contain cannabinoids, with Cannabis family as the most popular. Compared to other cannabinoids, like the famous tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD does not give a euphoric effect. That means, CBD will not make you feel “high”. This is due to the quality of CBD which is not affecting the same receptors as THC. Hemp is the more preferred plant where CBD is extracted. Most CBD oil is extracted from industrial hemp, which is found out to contain a higher CBD content compared to marijuana.

Manufacturers of CBD oil utilize various methods to extract the CBD compound. This compound is then added to a quality carrier oil, which results in CBD oil.

Although CBD oil has been proven to provide various advantages to health and wellness, its users should still need to discuss it with their doctors before using it. This is to avoid possible side effects and other health issues that may arise.

History revealed that people are already using CBD for medicinal purposes, even a thousand years ago. It is interesting to know how CBD is working on the body. Our body has an endocannabinoid system (ECS), a part of the body that receives and converts signals from cannabinoid compounds. ECS also produces its own cannabinoids, which is termed as endocannabinoids. This system aids in regulating body functions such as pain management, sleep, and immune system responses.

What Studies Reveal?

When it comes to pain management, there are various studies that are conducted to find the effectiveness of CBD oil. One report revealed that using CBD oil can lessen the spasticity of a person. The results are promising and lead to more studies.

The said report has revealed 4 important highlights:

#1 Oral cannabinoids are found to be effective antiemetics to adults suffering chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting

#2 In adults experiencing chronic pain, the patients who were administered with cannabinoids are likely to experience a medically significant decrease in pain symptoms.

#3 Short-term use of oral cannabinoids are seen to improve patient-reported spasticity signs in adults with multiple sclerosis

#4 The effects of cannabinoids are modest; for all other scenarios analyzed there is inadequate data to evaluate their effects.

CBD Oil and Pain Relief

CBD oil is found to be beneficial in providing relief to different kinds of pain. Here are some of the known benefits of CBD oil:

#1 Chronic pain. CBD is proven to be effective in relieving chronic pain. This is proven by substantial evidence how cannabis is becoming an effective relief to chronic pain in adults. A research conducted by the Journal of Experimental Medicine also supports the effectiveness of CBD for chronic pain. The same study suggests that using CBD can reduce pain and inflammation. The researchers also learned that subjects of the study were not likely to establish a tolerance to CBD effects, therefore, they would need to add their daily dosage. They also stated that cannabinoids, specifically CBD, can offer promising new treatments for various types of chronic pain.

#2 Multiple sclerosis. As we all know, Multiple sclerosis (MS) is described as an autoimmune disease that impacts the whole body through the brain and nerves. This condition is often attributed to its common symptoms which are muscle spasms. These spasms can range to mild to severe pain in some patients.

#3 Arthritis pain. CBD oil also shows significant effect to relieve arthritis. This compound has been also found to create a significant drop in pain and inflammation. However, continuous studies are now conducted to further investigate how CBD can provide relief to people suffering from arthritis.

CBD oil is also viewed to have a wide range of possible applications and effects to the following conditions:

–          Treating anxiety

–          Relieving epilepsy and seizures

–          Smoking cessation

–          Reducing Alzheimer’s effects

–          Drug withdrawal

–          Possible treatment to diabetes, cancer, and acne

–          Treating schizophrenia

Are There Side Effects of CBD?

Medical experts explained that CBD does not seem to have significant dangers for users. This is because most CBD products are not entering the bloodstream.

CBD doesn’t pose significant risks for users, and most topical CBD products don’t enter the bloodstream. However, just like other medications, side effects are also possible with CBD and CBD oil. Some of them include diarrhea, a noticeable change in weight and appetite, and fatigue.

CBD has also been found to have the possibility of interacting with some types of over-the-counter drugs as well as dietary supplements. This is why it is advised to always consult first with a medical doctor.

Using CBD Oil: Other Considerations You Should be Aware Of

Nowadays, more and more CBD products such as CBD oil, gummies, edibles, and others are now available in different selling platforms. Several brands are coming from time to time. With the overwhelming supply and demand for CBD oil today, it is important to be cautious when buying quality CBD products. There are some factors that should be considered. Check their brand and the dosage mentioned in the label. Check as well the reviews of the customers who have tried their products.

Final Thoughts

CBD oil is known to be effective in relieving various types of chronic pain. It is one of the well-known uses of medical cannabis, which is proven by several studies conducted by some experts. If you have been experiencing chronic pain, then it will be great if you can consider CBD oil for pain management.

CBD may interact with other medications and supplements you are taking. Make sure to refer to a doctor first before using CBD oil. Although it is proven effective for pain relief, it is still important to get an expert’s opinion.