How CBD Oil Improves The Health of Your Pets

There have been preclinical studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of using CBD oil to alleviate anxiety and treat other ailments related to mental health. As time passes by, more people are considering it as an alternative when it comes to medications. CBD oil is one of the standard options for those individuals who found no relief in other supplements. Some pet owners are also claiming that CBD oil can also be used to animals who are experiencing anxiety disorders. Although more research should be performed to provide a piece of strong evidence, a lot of animal lovers are considering CBD oil to improve the health of their pets.

How CBD Improves Your Pets’ Health

Like humans, the health of your pets deteriorates as they age. With old age comes several health issues, including joint pain, loss of eyesight, mobility issues, nausea, and skin disorders. As a pet owner, it feels like you can’t do anything since all of these are caused by ageing. However, you don’t have to feel hopeless about it since there are some ways on how you can improve your pets’ health. One way to do it is by using CBD oil. CBD oil, a short term for cannabidiol, has become a popular cannabis product. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it has non-psychoactive characteristics. Even though more studies should be performed to identify the benefits of using CBD, a lot of pet owners consider its potential. Here are some benefits of using CBD oil for pets according to some preclinical studies:

1. It alleviates joint pain and some mobility issues. As mentioned earlier, joint pain and mobility issues are some of the health conditions that animals experience as they age. Chronic inflammation can cause several diseases to your pets, which may include arthritis. They may also suffer from discomfort, lack of mobility, and severe pain. Although there are anti-inflammatory medication and pills that veterinarians can give to your pets, these drugs may cause some health issues like liver failure. Since CBD is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties, more and more pet owners are considering it as an alternative to such medications. CBD oil can be applied to the hips, legs, and paws of your pets for pain relief.

2. It combats itchiness and other skin conditions. Your pets may suffer from itchiness due to their diet, food allergies, and pests. Some environmental factors can also cause them to experience several skin conditions. Besides external factors, having an overactive immune system can also lead to skin issues. Despite the fact that skin allergies may be common to animals, they should be given some attention since extreme itchiness may lead to injury and skin damage. To combat itchiness, you may apply CBD oil to your pets’ skin. It is because CBD has been proven to be effective in enhancing your pets’ skin condition. A study published in 2013 showed that CBD has the potential to be lead compounds in the development of novel therapeutics, treating skin diseases.

3. It eases your pets’ anxiety. People are not the only ones suffering from anxiety because even your pets can experience this mental disorder. Some factors that may trigger them to feel anxious include boredom, car rides, fireworks, separation from their companions, thunderstorms, and vet visit. Some veterinarians may offer you with antianxiety drugs just like what doctors give to humans. Like any other prescription drugs, these may cause some serious side effects to your pets. On the other side, CBD has an adequate safety profile with good tolerability and positive results. It has anxiolytic properties having no psychoactive effects. The antianxiety effects of CBD are similar to diazepam which is an antianxiety medication that is often prescribed to animals.

4. It helps improve your pets’ eyesight. Your pets’ eyes are somehow similar to humans. It is why animals can also experience some eye conditions like glaucoma, a common eye illness that pets may encounter. Glaucoma happens when the pressure builds up on the eye, damaging the optic nerve. If your pets are suffering from glaucoma, your pet’s brain can possibly don’t receive the necessary visual information. There are ways on how you can improve your pets’ eyesight. Preclinical studies show that CBD has resulted in a 30% reduction when it comes to intraocular pressure. It is vital to ask your veterinarian on the proper ways of using CBD oil. It could be drizzling oil over food or feeding them with CBD treats. Veterinarians can guide you on the proper dosage of CBD.

5. It reduces nausea. Nausea is brought by several factors, including bacterial infection, cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, and stress. Your pets may also feel nauseous if they have eaten something wrong. If your pet is extra drooling or eating grass, then these signs could be symptoms of nausea. Although it may go away within a few days, it is still essential to help your pets, especially if they are old. It is because as pets get older, they are more likely to experience stomach issues that could lead to a lowered immune system. Even though there are natural ways to treat nausea, these ways could not be enough to keep them from viral infections. So how can CBD reduce nausea? CBD interacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors. These receptors are found in pets’ ECS, which are located in the brain and gastrointestinal tract, which are involved in nausea.

As a pet owner, it can be frustrating to see your pets’ health deteriorates over time. When treating them with a particular medication, it is vital to consider how they will react to drugs and supplements. Know that with old age, your pets’ immune system may weaken. Try to be extra careful when giving them medications. Other than taking prescription drugs, you may also consider CBD oil as an alternative to treat your pets’ anxiety and other ailments. CBD oil has been proven to offer positive results, which is an excellent potential for medication.

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